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Empowering Women's Mental Health: A Journey of Resilience and Support

In this special episode of 'Let's Talk Health' for International Women's Day, we shine a light on Women's Mental Health and Well-being. We celebrate the resilience of women while addressing the silent struggles many face daily. Join us as Monique Helou, a distinguished public health researcher and Integrative Mental Health coach, explores the challenges and victories in the realm of women's mental health. We delve into the unique obstacles Lebanese women encounter amid socio-economic turmoil and discuss the transformative role of telemedicine in women's health, which provides accessible care and helps break down stigmas. Through discussions on daily support and the importance of a nurturing environment, this episode calls us to action to foster healthier communities for all women. Tune in for a heartfelt exploration of understanding and supporting women's mental well-being.

Nutritional Support: For Every Stage of a Woman's Life From Pregnancy and beyond

Join us in this empowering episode as we explore the pivotal role of nutrition in a woman's life, from the bloom of pregnancy to the grace of menopause. Our special guest, a distinguished nutrition expert, guides us through the essential nutrients needed at every stage of motherhood, offering practical advice to integrate these into our daily lives. Discover how to nourish your body and soul through prenatal care, postpartum recovery, the bustling life of working moms, and the transformative phase of menopause. With actionable tips for incorporating key nutrients, staying hydrated, and balancing a busy schedule, this episode is a treasure trove for mothers at any stage, seeking to embrace the power of nutrition. Whether you're a new mom looking to nourish yourself and your baby, a working mom juggling career and family, or navigating the changes menopause brings, there's wisdom and guidance here for you. Tune in to empower your motherhood journey with the strength of nutrition.