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Welcome to Life in Balance 365! I’m excited to share this journey with you. Here, cutting-edge innovation meets holistic wellness, creating personalized care that enhances your daily life. Let’s make every day vibrant and joyful, naturally and harmoniously. Together, we’ll find the balance you’ve been looking for.


Latest Books

Changing Lives

Welcome to a place where books do more than just tell stories; they transform lives. My collection is packed with wisdom on holistic health and the latest research. These books guide you through managing conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and liver health, or finding balance through chakras. They’re your companions on a journey to empowerment, resilience, and hope. Whether you want to protect your health, manage a challenge, or boost your well-being, my books offer practical steps, insights, and inspiration.

Ready to explore holistic healing and find your inner strength? Let’s start changing lives, one reader at a time.

My Latest Interview

Changing Lives

In every interview, I weave the story of how the magic of nourishing foods, potent supplements, and mindful lifestyle choices can transform lives.

My TV Appearances

Latest Television appearance

Through these interviews, I aim to inspire and empower you to embrace a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Discover with me the possibilities that holistic wellness offers for managing various health conditions and get motivated to start your own journey to optimal health.


My Wellness Podcast

Welcome to the “Let’s Talk Health” Podcast, brought to you in collaboration with SohatiDoc, where wellness meets empowerment. This podcast is your go-to destination for everything related to well-being, holistic health, and personal empowerment. Each episode is designed to enlighten, engage, and inspire our listeners with insights into managing health holistically and living a balanced life.

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