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About Monique Helou: Pioneering a Radiant Path to Well-being

Welcome to the intersection of innovation and wellness, where personalized care is not just a philosophy but the foundation of a vibrant, fulfilling life. I am Monique Helou, the driving force behind Balance Boost LLC and Life in Balance 365 LTD. My journey is one of passion, bridging the wisdom of traditional health practices with the possibilities of modern technology to guide you toward optimal well-being.

Innovating Health Solutions: I proudly present the Balance Boost APP, a revolutionary platform that brings the future of wellness into the present. Designed to transform the approach to health, it offers personalized wellness plans, mindfulness exercises, and expert guidance, ensuring holistic health is within reach for all.

Empowering Through Knowledge: My role as a health columnist for and my authorship allow me to demystify health science, turning complex concepts into actionable, empowering advice. My aim is to inspire confident, informed lifestyle choices that lead to healthier lives.

Tailoring Your Wellness Journey: My approach is deeply personal and bespoke. Whether addressing chronic conditions, devising preventive strategies, or targeting peak mental and physical health, I offer support and strategies that resonate with your unique life story.

A Holistic Health Vision: My books, such as "Harnessing the Power of the Chakra" and "Resilient Minds - Anti-Alzheimer's Strategies," along with my professional endeavors, share a comprehensive toolkit for holistic health. My diverse certifications and recognitions underscore a dedication to empowering holistic well-being.

Connect with Me: Your path to balanced health is personal, and I am here to support you at every turn. Through my books, the Balance Boost APP, or personalized consultations, I invite you to unlock the potential for profound health and happiness.

Journey with a Visionary:

Balance Boost Social Responsibility LLC, Dubai: As Managing Partner, I spearheaded the creation of the Balance Boost APP, an integrative health app set to redefine wellness in 2024. Join me in embracing a life of quality and vitality.

Life in Balance 365, London: As Managing Director, I champion a holistic health model, providing evidence-based practices and the latest scientific research to those committed to their wellness journey.

Makhlouf Medical Center, Lebanon: As an Integrative Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist, I support your health and wellness holistically, developing personalized plans that honor your individual needs and life values.

Licenses & Certifications: My commitment to excellence in wellness is highlighted by certifications from prestigious institutions, including Harvard Health Publishing and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and accolades such as Oman Woman's Leader 2019, showcasing my dedication to leading by example in the wellness industry.

Let's Embark Together: For consultations, speaking engagements, or to learn more, contact with me. Together, we will unlock the door to a healthier, happier you.

Licenses & Certifications:

• Improving Your Memory

Harvard Health Publishing- Issued Jan 2020

• Oman Woman's Leaders 2019

World Women Leadership Congress & Awards- Issued Jul 2019

• Certificate of Appreciation

Oman College of Health Science- Muscat Branch- Issued Apr 2019

• AN118 Safe and Effective Supplementation

Csnn Canadian School of Natural Nutrition- Issued Jun 2018

• AN108 Nutrition and Athletic Performance

Csnn Canadian School of Natural Nutrition- Issued Jul 2017

• Attention Deficit Disorder

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Ottawa- Issued Apr 2008

• Lifestyle Medicine for Weight Management

Harvard Medical School- Department of Continuing Education- Issued Apr 2008

• MNT in Cardiovascular Diseases

Tawam Hospital - Al Ain. Nutrition Department- Eastern Medical Region, UAE- Issued Jul 2007.

• Nutrition Assessment in Hospital

Tawam Hospital - Al Ain. Nutrition Department- Eastern Medical Region, UAE- Issued May 2007.